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Personalized home decor

Add a personal touch to your home and create a custom wall decor. Choose from multiple options and fill your space with special memories!



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What is Canvas Photo Prints?

Canvas print is a photo print that is printed on canvas instead of the usual paper. Canvas photo prints give a better quality look compared to regular photo paper. Often used for decoration purpose since it blends well with any theme and perfect to spruce up an empty wall.

Canvas Photo Prints in Malaysia

It's not just any home décor – it's a work of art. Add a little touch of pop or nature at home with canvas photo prints. Even better, personalized it with your favorite photos! Decorate it as you wish; be it a single image or collage images in one canvas.

Canvas Print as Personalized Gift

Isn't it perfect? Premium canvas prints are the perfect gift for any occasion, for anyone, for any purpose. It's ready to hang and ready to deliver. With superior quality photo, canvas print makes the best, versatile gift.


Three easy steps

You don't need to be an artist to design a wall art. With Snipsnapz you can turn a blank canvas into your personal piece of art



Your Premium and Special Canvas Prints – with Snipsnapz!

Snipsnapz provides the very best and highest quality of canvas photo prints in Malaysia. From canvas material to canvas wrap up until canvas printing, we strive to achieve the top notch quality of your image display. Your classic canvas print is printed on a seedless and knot-free cotton or linen cloth and then properly stretched on solid wooden frame.


Inspiration for every room

Open your mind to new, exciting wall art inspiration. Find beautiful and creative ideas how to define your interior style.